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Always remember, in business, you only need ONE customer to take you from bus stops to Bentleys.

-Thomas "TJ" Loftin

Celebrating thirty years in business, Thomas “TJ” Loftin continues as a multidimensional global business industry leader: Celebrity Car Builder, Real Estate and Land Development, Investor, Public Speaker, and Author. As a native of Compton, California, from the age of 9, TJ acquired his business acumen from key local business leaders.  After graduating from Centennial High School (Compton, California), he opened his first brick and mortar business, Express Gold Plating. It would become the first of many very successful businesses, including Compton Wire Wheels and Molded Suspension. Through innovation and leadership, he established low riding as a bona fide industry, with international recognition through the entertainment industry via music videos, commercials, and movies, most notably the mega-hit film, Straight Outta Compton.


TJ transitioned from the low rider industry to the hot California real estate market. As a (now, former) real estate agent and broker; land developer, and investor, he partook in developing the newly up-and-coming city of Palmdale, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.  It was also here where he was first confronted by gentrification, which would have a great impact on him in later years. Post the 2008 housing crash, TJ established LOF10 Productions a platform through which the African-American community could achieve financial equity and cultural rejuvenation from reliable and unfiltered information.  A well-renowned public speaking career emerged_ keynote speeches, panel discussions, lectures, workshops, national tours, interviews, and educational products. Gentrification resurfaced very aggressively within African-American communities.  Seeking solutions and finding press reports inconsistent, TJ self-financed multiple tours across the country, to 22 states to track and to address the multiple levels of Gentrification and its effects.  In 2018, he self-published his first book, top-seller “Monetizing Gentrification: Building Black Ownership”.  Given his first-hand experiences, speaking to thousands of people, and signing several hundreds of copies of his book, TJ is an expert in Real Estate and Business. He is well-versed also in related topics: Opportunity Zones, Entrepreneurship, Unemployment, Crisis Management, and COVID-19.    


TJ takes seriously the role of being a jegna (mentor).  He is an Advisor for the Compton and Inglewood Unified School Districts.  Also, he is partnered with the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool Expo and Education Institute magazine, Black College Expo, Juneteenth Atlanta, and We Buy Black Conference as a consultant and recurring Keynote Speaker and Panelist.  He established “TJ’s Toolbox” for youth learning of life skills, critical thinking, real estate, and the Trades.  Also, “TJ’s Wealth Academy” provides an online platform for adult learning.  His One-on-One coaching is well-received.  Utilizing ZOOM and other platforms, TJ has successfully assisted other business leaders to pivot during the current COVID-19 crisis. TJ’s accomplishments have been highlighted in countless magazines, newspaper articles, and live interviews.  His track record reflects the outcomes of his work.  Over the years, he has helped to form 100 businesses and generate revenue in the high 6-7 figures. 

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