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Kynedi Chrystine

Wellness Enthusiast

Kynedi, from Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas, is a dedicated health and physical wellness educator active in both Dallas and Los Angeles. As a flexibility trainer and wellness community enhancer, she focuses on improving the economic and holistic well-being of the communities she serves. Her profound experiences include accompanying her sensei, Chinook Wusdhu, to Dr. Sebi’s village, USHA, on two occasions, where she emerged as a group leader. Kynedi holds a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science from Indiana State University, where she attended on a full-ride scholarship and served as the team captain for the volleyball team.

Beyond her educational pursuits, Kynedi manages properties in Dallas, renting them to corporations. She also currently holds a real estate license, adding another dimension to her professional repertoire. Additionally, Kynedi is a model involved in numerous community volunteer projects, an event coordinator, and the public relations manager at Planet Health Compton.

Her diverse roles and unwavering dedication make her a prominent figure in health, wellness, and community enhancement. Kynedi's passion for improving lives through holistic approaches and her multifaceted career demonstrate her commitment to making a positive impact wherever she goes.

Kynedi Chrystine
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