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Entrepreneurship within the Auto Industry

6 hours - $6,000.00

The automotive industry continues to grow and thrive!  Position yourself for unlimited opportunity and wealth by learning how to enter and maneuver through this industry.  TJ is a well-revered celebrity master car builder and icon, having significantly contributed to the growth explosion of low riding from a mere hobby into a multi-billion dollar industry.  Step-by-step, TJ provides the proper tools to inevitably gain success as an entreprenuer within this customization and restoration space.  Topics covered are classic cars, custom designs, wheels, accessories, dealership, car locators, parts manufacturing and distribution, other related industries, and new technolgies (i.e., electric vehicles, flying cars, etc).  Calling all car enthusiasts, multipreneurs, mid-career employees, high school and college students, marketing buffs, and those who are mechanically inclined to take this life-changing course!


All courses include:

  • (1) copy of book Monetizing Gentrification

  • Virtual setting, One-on-One training

  • In-Person training also available.  Additional costs may apply.


*Full prepayment is required.


📞Call 310.619.3954

Rust to Riches Training Course

  • No Refunds.

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