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(Land and New Construction)

6 hours - $8,000.00

Land is the foundation of building legacy wealth.  No wonder why land is currently a hot commodity! 

Veteran land developer and real estate coach, best-selling author, speaker, and Economic Futurist, TJ Loftin presents his popular Masterclass LAND and NEW CONSTRUCTION (LANC).

Much is attributed by nationwide gentrification with corporate hedgefunds behind the wheel. You are wondering how all of this will impact your life. Having the right overstanding of what is happening aids in YOUR making the right decisions and taking the right steps for YOUR future and that of YOUR future generations.

Discover how to keep as much money as possible in your pocket, and still get your dream home and MORE!

Topics covered:

  • Sourcing and Attaining Land

  • Stages of Building Your Home

  • Permit Protocols

  • Preventable Issues

  • Impactful Outside Factors (gentrification, corporate expansions, hedgefunds, etc)

  • Entrpreneurial Opportunities

  • Legacy Wealth Strategies

  • ...and more!


All courses include:

  • (1) copy of book Monetizing Gentrification

  • Virtual setting, One-on-One training


*Full prepayment is required.

Affordable and convenient Pay-as-You-Go plan is available. 


📞Call 310.619.3954

LANC (Land and New Construction)

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