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Global Innovation Transportation Manufacturing Education Expo (GITME)

Saturday, June 22, 2024
9AM - 5PM PT
Douglas F. Dollarhide
Community Center
Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center
301 N Tamarind Ave,
Compton, CA 90220

Black History Moment

Douglas F. Dollarhide was the first black Mayor of Compton.

Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center

Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center


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"Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do."  

- African Proverb

Low Rider Culture

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The multi-billion dollar California Low Rider Culture, a business whose worldwide annual sales exceed billions, spans generational and global boundaries.

Innovation + Creativity + Culture + Music

“Low Riding was a culture for those of us who grew up in Compton — the capitol of low Riding. You can trace its roots to the years right after War World II, but the business went viral after rap groups, particularly N.W.A. (Los Angeles-based, formed in 1986 and now considered one of the greatest, most influential groups in the history of hip-hop music), began to include Low Riders, with Chevys at the top of the list, in their videos.”  - TJ Loftin

Low Rider World Map.png

Join Us for a Post Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference Event at the Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center in Compton, California USA for the 1st Global Innovation Transportation Manufacturing Education Expo (GITME).  

One of the largest manufacturing export businesses in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area can me found in Compton, California USA.  Thousands of vintage Low Riders, custom classic cars and bikes have been fully restored and modified with custom-made African American manufactured parts in Compton, and exported from the Port of Long Beach and Los Angles to destinations around the world, such as:

  • Asia Pacific: Japan, New Zealand, Australia

  • Europe: Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands

  • United Kingdom

  • Brazil

  • Mexico

  • Canada

A next level conference that showcases the talents of our custom automakers and creatives! From Auto Parts Manufacturers to soft line brands.


If you are curious about how things are made, tinkering with something of your own, or you have been working in the manufacturing space and can teach or speak on it to others, you MUST attend!

Meet celebrity experts in the automotive industry responsible for the design, manufacturing and assembly of Low Riders and specialty motorcycles.  

The collaboration between hip hop and Low Riders helped to build a global multi-billion dollar industry. TJ made sure that Low Riders were showcased in rap videos, which increase their demand around the world.

Celebrity Low Rider Builder and Hip Hop Legends
Rack of Custom Low Riders
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Low Riders
Custom Builds

Low Rider

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It’s an art form. It’s a community builder. It’s a cultural phenomenon. It's a Low Rider.


Celebrity Car & Bike Builders

Low Riders are mobile works of art, culture, and music. The lacquered bodies of Low Rider cars glow with brilliant colors, modified hydraulics, and powerful sound systems playing urban hip hop beats. Come and meet the masterminds of design, custom manufacturing and production of these rolling works of art.


Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

A patent protects new inventions, processes, or scientific creations, a trademark protects brands, logos, and slogans, and a copyright protects original works of authorship.  Who is protecting your original ideas, works of art, automation and ingenuity?  Learn how to protect your million dollar ideas, your brand and your custom one-of-a kind designs.


Custom Part Manufacturing

Innovation is the mother of necessity.  Blacks and Latinos were locked out of the automotive industry and commercial auto parts for decades.  With vintage cars, imagination and ingenuity, these backyard mechanics created a multi-billion dollar custom parts industry for the Low Riders and custom cars.

Image by Anja Bauermann

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is a a complex network of organizations and activities, such as raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and the customer that move the idea through production and to the the buyer.  Custom parts are shipped from offshore manufacturers to Compton where they are assembled to create the custom cars and bikes.

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International Trading

The best kept secret in the import and export custom car business was birthed in Compton, California USA. Thousands of custom car parts and accessories enter the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach annually, headed to Compton to be assembled in the most coveted Low Riders in the world.  From the backyard to world markets, Low Riders are now a global phenomenon. 

Image by Patrick Weissenberger


From custom designers, to custom auto and motorcycle builders, to custom parts manufacturers, there are many opportunities to invest in very this very sought after global industry.  With demand for the custom cars and motorcycles is growing, as the music videos and film industry continue to showcase the innovation, Ingenuity and  mastery of the custom builders.

Custom Parts Manufacturing

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Innovation is the mother of necessity for custom auto parts. You can't buy it, you build it yourself. Innovation + Creativity + Culture + Music birthed the Low Rider Custom Parts Manufacturing Industry.