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TJ Loftin

TJ Loftin offers services that are geared to help you successfully achieve your goals of OWNERSHIP in business, commerce, and real estate.

Also, he provides coaching on personal matters, with great results.

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The first step to reaching your goals!

TJ will make a preliminary assessment of your needs and provide a recommendation for you to execute.  Services provided        in person, by phone, Zoom, or Facetime.


Duration: 1 hour

Price: $500.00

📞Call 310.619.3954




Accelerate your plan through learning!

TJ provides core curriculum so you can make moves confidently.  

  • Business Ownership

  • Residential Real Estate

  • Monetizing Gentrification                                              (course companion to TJ's best-selling book,     Monetizing Gentrification:Building Black Ownership)

  • Rust to Riches (Entrepreneurship in the Auto Industry)

  • LANC (Land and New Construction) Popular Course!

📞Call 310.619.3954




Customized for your situation and needs.

Affordable and convenient Pay-as-You-Go plan.

Duration of plan is for a consecutive period.

Services provided in-person, phone, Zoom, Facetime.

*Additional time will be prorated and payable at time of service.

Required initial consultation is a separate fee.

Packages start at ONE monthly session.

Want more information?

📞Call 310.619.3954

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