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USB version of webinar.


In this informative webinar, TJ outlines the challengs of Covid 19 and the real estate industry. Having traveled to over 20 states following gentrification and fast growing communities, Thomas "TJ" Loftin assesses and demystifies real estate and business investments. A respected seasoned investor and proven strategist, TJ debunks the myths and reveals the real tools to generate, grow, and sustain intergenerational wealth, from a national perspective. Discover outside-of-the-box methodology and applications that would optimize the outcome of your financial goals! After participating in this online training, you will be able to: Learn about up and coming real estate investment locations nationally. Learn about buying homes really cheap. Learn about affordable Afrikan- American cities nationally. Learn the language of general contractor for your own projects. Learn the Blackprint to create real estate wealth. Make an impact within your community through commercial property ownership. Build true legacy wealth for future generations. Running Time: 1:21:22

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Real Estate Investments During Covid 19 Riot Economy Webinar - USB